Poll: Help Vote on the Next Double Impact Challenge!

A couple weeks ago, we introduced Double Impact and explained how the new Facebook platform gives you the opportunity to take action. Through Double Impact, you can earn money for your favorite charity by taking actions that make your life a little greener, like eating less meat or switching to CFL light bulbs. Last week we asked you to choose Double Impact challenge and this week we need you to weigh in again!

We know that TreeHugger readers live green lives and we've partnered with Double Impact to make your actions count even more -- a maybe give you a few new ideas along the way. Each week, we'll be asking you to vote on new challenges and whichever you choose will be added to the platform!

This week, we're learning simple ways to save resources around the house. Little actions can save big when it comes to things that you use daily and its not as hard as some may think to make the change. Vote in the poll above to tell us which challenge should be added. And don't forget to let us know if you have any ideas for challenges you'd like to see!

If you haven't signed-up for Double Impact yet, please do! Chances are you are already doing some of the green challenges, so signing up can put more money in the pockets of great charities!


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