Pole to Pole

What's one mega-challenge that 24 people aged 18-28 are taking to raise awareness of global warming along with various other environmental and social causes along the way? Starting in April of 2007 they'll be setting off on a journey across the globe from the North Pole to the South Pole, with plenty of stops along the way... Ultimately, they expect to teach millions of youths around the globe about the things that each of them can do to help stop global warming, and to help spread the word that young people across the planet are able to take a leadership role in creating positive, tangible change in the world today.The "Expedition" will actually be split into three parts, the first part being the actual "Trek Team" itself; the second part being the so-called "Advance" teams that will engage in 6-8 month charitable endeavors in various areas of the world; and the third being "Education" teams linking all of these efforts to schools in Europe and North America, enabling them to take part in the program virtually while also inspiring them to take a leadership role in putting together a charitable endeavor in their own communities and seeing it through to completion.

As for the "Trek Team" itself, they'll be journeying from the N. Pole to the S. Pole completely under human power. The first trip of its kind ever on this planet; they'll ski, sail, bike, kayak and walk the entire route from one pole to the next. Along the way they'll be including stops in places like Antarctica to view the melting ice sheets, the Sahara desert to view the ongoing desertification there, and off the coast of Mozambique to view the deleterious effects of global warming on coral reefs to name a few…

The second part of the expedition is the so-called "Advance" teams that will engage in charitable programs around the world. Programs like engaging kids in the use of "fair trade" in industries like coffee by educating them about the economic realities farmers face when unable to participate in a "fair trade" type of program. They'll also be working to implement recycling programs and food bank programs, along with the distribution of one thousand solar ovens to families in Africa where the supply of local wood for cooking fires has become so depleted that there is simply not enough left to cook with. If that’s not enough they'll even be working to address the growing technological gap between first and third world citizens through the distribution of over a thousand low-cost computers to third world peoples.

All of the programs that these two groups will be engaging in will have two major goals. The first being that of actually improving the lives of the people they touch, with the second being that of educating kids in the first world as to what is actually going on in the world today. To that end the third part will be a group of "Education Teams" that stop to visit schools across the continents of Europe and North America and link them to what the first two groups are doing... This way the efforts of the first two teams can easily be communicated to thousands of schools, and hopefully their efforts combined with the other two teams will cause more kids to become inspired to take a leadership role in working not only to stop global warming, but to change the way they see the world and encourage them to rethink the actions they take in it…

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