PolarPalooza Is Coming To Town

PolarPalooza logo
Look out Al Gore, the PolarPalooza is bringing the good word on climate change to communities all across the US, and it hits San Diego this weekend. The event is dubbed the PolarPalooza because, "like the rock tour, we hope to be a little out of the box, and always on the edge."

The event aims to educate the public about the known science on climate change, as well as regional expectations for San Diego due to climate change. We're betting water resources will be on the list. The topic is why we should care about the poles, but it also bring the issue local explaining why the poles are important to San Diego, a place not known for its cold temps and where the only polar bears or penguins are found at the zoo.Don't miss out on the Opening Celebration "Stories from a Changing Planet" which combines not only stories from around the globe of affected communities, but also incredible footage. The story will follow six scientists traveling to both poles and explain why climate change can be felt more dramatically in these outer regions.

The cast includes an astronaut, a biologist, a journalist, a geophysicist, a NASA researcher, a wildlife biologist and a geoscientists. Looks like we've got the earth sciences pretty well covered here.

Treehugger will be reporting from the event on Friday and will provide highlights and a recap. There will be events at area museums throughout the weekend, with several geared for families and children. For those interested, several of the events are open to the public and you can purchase tickets to the Opening Celebration "Stories from a Changing Planet" online. San Diego is not the only stop on this tour, and the entire list can be found here.

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