Polar Bear Tee For TreeHugger Tikes

Awww…we got all mushy when we saw this tiny tee ($22) broadcasting one big environmental message. The graphic is a polar bear on a melting block of ice, and the tag line says "start global cooling." Five other graphics--including a sea turtle with the message "live gently,"--are available from Bozeman, Montana-based Darwin Design Clothing Company. Tees for kids and adults can be purchased too, and 10 percent of the proceeds helps support non-profits fighting global warming, such as the Earth Island Institute.

The firm was founded by Otto Pohl and his wife Anne Sherwood, both journalists, to spread a positive message about the environment. "There's so much negativity out there that we wanted to send out a more can-do message," says Pohl.


"It has hit a real chord and suddenly this part-time lark is becoming much bigger."

T-shirts are made and printed in the U.S and available in both conventional cotton (so they could be printed locally) and organic cotton. The organic shirts are printed with a low-impact water-based printing process that imbeds the design
into the shirt, making it resistant to fading and cracking. The shirts are also PVC, phthalates, and solvent-free. ::Darwin Design Clothing Company Lots more organic t-shirts ::The Gap Goes Organic Cotton-Picking ::H&M;'s New Organic Cotton Collection ::L. L. Bean Does Organic Cotton more holiday gifts ::TreeHugger Holiday Gift Guide
Top: Babies' Short-Sleeve Polar Bear Lap T in white. Bottom: Babies' Short-Sleeve Frog Onesie in brown (left); Kids' Organic Short-Sleeve Sea Turtle T-shirt in slate (right). Images courtesy of Darwin Design Clothing Company.

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