Play a Game and Do Some Good, Seriously.

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Think of your favorite charity. Don't they do just fantastic work? Of course they do, that's why you support them! Now picture some spare change. Wouldn't it be great to give that money to your favorite charity? I'm sure they'd appreciate it. Well, starting today you can support your favorite charity by playing a short online game and possibly win an Apple iPad, in the process! Stay with me for ninety seconds while I explain the rules and play the game after the jump.Still with me? Great. So, one of the best things about working for TreeHugger and is that I get to collaborate with some of my other favorite sites to help support good causes. So I'm pleased to announce that starting today, Monday May 17th we've joined several major sites, including Boing Boing and Neatorama to help raise money for charities. Which charity? Your charity!

How Do I Play?
You and readers on many other blogs can now play a game called Bazinga! (embedded below) and then enter into a sweepstakes to win one of several nice prizes. Part of your entry into the sweepstakes is making a small or massive donation to support ANY 501c3 charity that you support.

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So have some fun playing the Bazinga! game below, and then make any size donation to any charity you presently support, or would like to support. (Minimum gift suggestion $1). The basic idea here is simply to take a moment of an ordinary day, when it's not Christmas or some expected holiday, and do your part to help repair the world.

What Do I Win?

Aside from the warm afterglow you'll inevitably feel after you make a donation to your favorite charity, you'll also have a chance to win some prizes. When you're done, send an e-mail to and tell how much you donated and to what cause. Also send your quiz score. By doing so, you'll be automatically entered into a sweepstakes drawing where you could win one of 10 sets of Wii games and a chance to go on national TV and talk about why you picked the charity and what the whole quiz play day experience was like for you. The randomly selected grand-prize winner will also take home a brand new Apple iPad, courtesy of

So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz, play for your charity by making a donation, and finally, don't forget to e-mail and tell us how you scored and who you donated to (and how much). It's all on the honor system here, so don't let us down! They will be keeping track of how much each blog raises each day of the week. You can follow the money over here. At the end of the week, the blog (or "team") that raises the most will get serious bragging rights and another, secret prize, to give to one random winner who played for their "team." Don't forget to say you're playing for Team TreeHugger!

You don't have to do this to be entered into the sweepstakes, but if you'd like to tell people about this on Twitter or Facebook, we'd love your support!

Here's a sample tweet: Support your favorite charity, win an Apple iPad and help Team TreeHugger earn some bragging rights!

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