"Plastic State of Mind" Music Video Helps Get Plastic Bags Banned (Video)

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I attended the first ever San Francisco Green Film Festival this weekend and mixed in among the serious documentaries about everything from precious metal mining to bird conservation were a few choice shorts that thankfully use a little comedy and music to disseminate disturbing information. Top among my favorites was this music video parody on the impact of plastics. It's a video Sami dug up a couple months ago, and it is making its way around the Internet and most definitely making an impact. What surprises me about it is that unlike many eco-activist-music videos that unfortunately often err on the side of lame, it manages to use compelling music to get across information that even seasoned greenies aren't aware of, while balancing just the right amount of cheesiness that you don't want to stop watching. More importantly this video (watch after the jump) is helping to get plastic bags banned in various places across the nation.
Green Sangha, the organization behind the video, has a site helping to get people connected to the bag banning movements and legislation near them. The group notes that since 2006, they've been responsible for:

  • Promoting a successful campaign to ban plastic check-out bags in Fairfax, California, which reduces eights tons of waste per year
  • Encouraging local and chain markets in California to reduce or eliminate plastic bags - produce bags as well as tote bags
  • Giving over 240 talks to over 7000 citizens
  • Publishing articles in local newspapers and magazines
  • Showing our plastics display in scores of festivals, conferences, and other public gatherings
  • Testifying before elected councils and boards

That is some inspiring activism -- and the fact that they could create a music video that was fun, and lacked the normal cheesiness that makes so many simply painful to watch is a testament to their skill at reaching people.

If your city or county still lacks a ban on plastic bags, check out Green Sangha and help spread the video around.

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