Planting Trees in New York City's Biggest Park - Green Apple Festival 2009

The New York City Parks and Recreation was expecting as many as 50 people to show last Saturday for the Green Apple event in Pelham Bay Park--it is NYC's biggest park, after all--they needed help shoveling compost, planting trees, and cutting out invasive vines. In what appeared to be quite a setback, only 3 volunteers showed up--including myself and the organizer. So, we joined forces with the two Parks and Rec leaders and went ahead and completed all the day's tasks ourselves--5 people doing the work of 50. And I have to say, it was a blast.We started the day by shoveling a mound of compost to nourish three aging trees, and then moved on to planting trees in an area that was lacking in young growth. We didn't quite make it to the invasive vine removal, but we planted all the trees and spread all the compost

Also, we discovered that you can plant trees without even getting your hands dirty. Here's a rundown videos of what proved to be a very memorable day . . .

Event leader Scott Sarrington from the Parks and Recreation explains the day's task:

How To Plant a Tree Without Getting Your Hands Dirty:

Volunteer Keith Wagstaff on why he lent a hand for Green Apple:

All in all, it was a great day--having the best weather we've had all year certainly didn't hurt--hopefully next year more than three volunteers will join in the earth helpin' good timery.

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