Plant Your Own Carbon Offsets With WCAFI Tree Kits

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Okay, so its not a one to one match to offset your emissions, but for every tree kit you purchase from the World Clean Air Forest Initiative, they will also plant a tree to match your tree. This two for one sale on trees has one goal, according to WCFAI, clean the air with more trees and they're not going to rest until you purchase and plant a tree, or at least let them plant one for you. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers or easy, cheap gifts.

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The WCAFI "Clean Air Tree Kits" are now available in Canada, the northern United States and (soon) the UK for purchase. You may be wondering - how can a tree be good (and survive) in any of these locations? Don't worry, the WCAFI chooses and sends you a tree that is good for your locale, so you don't have to worry about bringing in some strange species that will either take over or will croak at the first sign of winter. Canada gets a wild spruce, for example.

The Clean Air Tree Kits come in a biodegradable "globe" with all the materials inside that you need to get going. In fact, everything in the kit is either biodegradable or compostable - you get a growing pellet, a growing pod, 6-10 tree seeds and instructions. The globes are made from potato waste and even the instructions are printed with vegetable and water-based inks, and the shrink wrap is made from a biodegradable material. Plus, the website is full of handy-tips to help you grow your own green thumb while growing your tree. For example, you can use half the globe to water your tree - it holds the ideal amount of water.

WCAFI says trees will be planted by their partner organizations, but no word on where the trees will be planted. You can purchase Canadian and Northern US Clean Air Tree Kits online now - they retail for £4.99 UK. If you're in the UK, check back in a week and you should be able to purchase your trees. Plus, India, Australia and Holland can purchase trees from local distributors, just check in with WCAFI to find out where. You can also purchase kits for your school classroom, bulk orders or even just donate 5 trees. At just £4.99, they make great stocking stuffers too. :WCAFI
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