Planet Earth Wins Four Emmy Awards


Over the weekend our family brought home some Emmy gold with their smash hit, Planet Earth! The winning categories included: Outstanding Cinematography for Non-Fiction Programming, Outstanding Music Composition for a Series, Outstanding Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming, and top honors in the Nonfiction Series category. Not a huge shocker given the massive amount of acclaim it’s received, but we’re never the less still proud. If you haven’t checked out the series, hit up your local library and put a copy on hold. Forty cameramen shot this standout entirely in high definition, over 2,000 days in the field. If that’s not enough for all you sensationalists…you can watch a great white shark pounce a seal- slowed down by forty times! A nice addition to the series is the bonus disc, Planet Earth: The Future, which talks to the filmmakers and a range of environmental experts (WWF Director General James Leape and the Lead Scientist of The Nature Conservancy, M.A. Sanjayan, to just name a few) who remind us of the serious threats we face. They debate the merits and shortcomings of saving species through cloning technology, captive breeding, and parks service. They don’t, however, tell us what we can do to help on an individual level. How about donating money to The Nature Conservancy or starting a petition?

The Emmy Awards will air as a two-hour special on Saturday, September 15, at 8 PM (ET/PT), on E! Entertainment Television. For a full list of Primetime Emmy award nominees and winners, visit:

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