Pioneer's Whiskey-Barrel Speakers Reviewed at CNet


We first saw these speakers made from solid oak reclaimed from whiskey barrels awhile back, thanks to a tip from our gadget-loving brethren over at Gizmodo, who sort of wrote them off as a gimmick at the time. We still liked 'em, for the principle, at least, but, according to a review at CNet, they sound pretty dang good (they got an eight out of ten). The whiskey barrel produces "a mature mellow tone" when compared to the medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that many speakers are made from, making the speakers ideal for bedroom, den, or as a supplement to a pair of floor-standing speakers, according to the review. If the wood isn't going to be used to help make whiskey, we suppose a pair of nice speakers are just about the next best thing; they're available exclusively through Pioneer Electronics' website for $600 a pair. ::CNet review via ::Gizmodo