Piers Fawkes on "Less But Better"

For quite a while we have promoted the idea that "less is the new more" and "small is the new big" and how the key to living with less is good design. Now Trendwatcher Piers Fawkes at PSFK jumps in with "Less But Better: It's a simple idea but it's difficult to see how the idea would spread among the majority of Americans.....I'd bet that many of these people consider themselves pro-American and are concerned by the impact by their country's dependance on foreign oil. So, what would happen if we sold them the idea that if they consumed less, their country would be safer and stronger?

Forever the marketer, Piers suggests a method: " We could kick start this easily: just ask Oprah to put a 'Less But Better' ribbon sticker in every one of her magazines for each and every reader to attach to the rear of their cars - just by their 'Support Our Troops' ribbon sticker."

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