Piers Fawkes on Eco-Consciousness

Piers Fawkes runs a media empire of marketing websites including eco.psfk, psfk and psflk. if. He was recently interviewed by JC Report and asked about the biggest thing coming: "Eco-consciousness. I know that's not "early" but my personal reaction this year to brands like Loomstate, Edun, MoreTrees, Livity and Stuart & Brown is so positive I can't believe others won't respond in the same way. I have a feeling that mass-adoption to eco- consciousness will be led by fashion, not by car makers. Fashion talks to the right people who stimulate conversation in the greater public domain. Once people start wearing their eco-clothing, I hope they'll take a look at all the other products around them — the plastic products, the products with high waste packaging — and reconsider those choices too. " ::JC Report