Pier Giorgio Di Cicco on Passion


We do go on about how cities promote creativity and all that Richard Florida stuff; Poet Pier Giorgio Di Cicco raises the bar and says that cities need passion.

"What is required is an essential atmosphere of passion. Without it, we put up bad buildings, invent bandage solutions, and have merely a topology of artistic events cosmetic to daily life. Fine words. What are the strategies? We have "zero tolerance" for just about any form of abuse, to our credit. Perhaps it is time we had zero tolerance for what enfeebles the passionate imagination of a city. What enfeebles it?

1. The notion that money predicates vision.
2. The mean-spiritedness that criticizes before it allows.
3. The conventions of "safeness" from either the left or the right.
4. Anything that discourages human encounter in the interest of expedience and time-saving."

Torontonians can hear him speak tonight at the Institute without Boundaries, details below.Lecture Details

IwB Speakers Series presents Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
at the Institute without Boundaries February 28, 2008

Details: February 28, 2008 at 6:30pm
Location: Institute Without Boundaries
207 Adelaide Street East (at the corner of Adelaide + Jarvis)

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