PICNIC'09 in Amsterdam: Green Challenge & Cradle to Cradle Amongst Other Inspriations

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September is PICNIC month in Amsterdam! This year's media, technology, entertainment, art and science festival seems yet a little bit greener than last year, and promises to be inspiring with Cradle to Cradle workshop labs this week.The PICNIC labs bring together international thinkers and makers in an intense co-creation process, advancing the field by combining very diverse expertise & experiences in a playful setting. One such lab is the Cradle to Cradle one, which consists of a material exhibition where you can touch Cradle to Cradle certified matter and get more information about the philosophy of "Waste=Food". If that inspires you, go and take part in the big brainstorm organised by the DOEN Foundation and KOEKOEK, an artist and design collective from Venlo. The aim is to find new possibilities to endlessly re-use materials. You can take part in a competition to deconstruct a chair, and if you win, you get to take it home!

Last week we discovered 2012Architects at Pioneers of Change in New York, and this week the Dutch architectural firm will host a workshop at PICNIC'09. Their architecture turns Audi100 windscreens into shoe-shop shelving, and upcycles washing machines into a mobile studio. 2012Architects have a unique way of turning waste into new building material. Rather than dismantling waste objects into their different components, this studio used waste as it is. An important factor for them is the sourcing of the material; they tend to harvest waste materials close to where it will be used, to keep the production local.

On Friday, you are invited to take part in the EcoMap Lab to map the environment (energy, waste, mobility, etc.), by gathering the data and visualising it to promote behavioural change and reduce CO2 footprints. Last but not least, the PICNIC Green Challenge winner will be announced. The six finalists have been chosen amongst 313 entrants for their detailed plans for inventions that combat climate change and are each in for winning the 500,000€ or one of the two extra 100,000€. Three finalists are from the UK, one from the Netherlands, one from Belgium and one is from the US. Read about the 2009 Finalists for Climate Change Solution Green Challenge, and check back on Thursday 24 September for the winner.

PICNIC'09 is held in Amsterdam from September 23-25 2009. Hurry if you haven't got your ticket yet as some days are sold out already. ::PICNIC ::Green Challenge
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