Picnic Green Challenge: It's Time To Act



PICNIC is "a seductive, exciting, intangible, unpredictable, cosmopolitan and cheerful annual event for and by the creative industry" held every year in September. They have now issued the Picnic Green Challenge:

We call on creative entrepreneurs to dream up cool green products and services. By ‘cool’ we mean consumer-friendly. By ‘green’ we mean greenhouse-gas-reducing. Ideally, entries should have something to do with IT or new media. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit, as long as your idea’s executable.
That is interesting enough, but what is really remarkable is the whopping prize put up by the Dutch Postcode Lottery: US$ 680,000 or €500,000.
From their site:

PICNIC’07 happens in September in Amsterdam. It’s Europe’s top event for cross-media creativity and innovation. "During PICNIC, Amsterdam becomes the capital of the international creative industry," says Bas Verhart, co-founder of PICNIC and CEO of Media Republic. "Creative leaders from different countries and industries come together to create a wonderful event experience. A passion for creativity is what binds us together". The PICNIC Green Challenge, fuelled by the Postcode Lottery , is part of the fun for the first time this year.

"Climate change presents a challenge to the world. There’s been plenty of talk about this – and now it’s time to act. To help the world embrace a green lifestyle, we need fresh ideas. New habits. New tools. And we believe they're likely to come from the new economy - from innovative, creative entrepreneurs open to fresh ideas and technologies.

Bill Clinton pointed this out during a speech:

he gave last December in the Netherlands at the invitation of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. His words inspired us."

Deadline for entries: August 15. ::Picnic Challenge