Philadelphia Eagles the Greenest Team in Pro Sports?


It may be only a coincidence that the Philadelphia Eagles wear green jerseys, but they’ve quietly become the most environmentally friendly team in the National Football League, and maybe even in all of pro sports. And that’ s due in no small part to the vision of owners Jeffrey and Christina Weiss Lurie, both former Hollywood producers who bought the team in 1994.

In fact, according to team officials they’ve spent well into seven figures ensuring that it happens, and part of it means that when the lights come on for an Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field, 30 percent of the power comes from wind power and methane reclaimed from landfills.
Of course when they fly to an away game the organization plants trees in the Philadelphia area to make up for the carbon dioxide emitted by the team's plane, beautifying the city in the process. And if you happen to go grab a beer at halftime you'll notice they’ve strategically placed recycling bins every 46 feet on the concourse. Why 46 feet? Well it’s no accident. Intriguingly, a study showed people will actually walk that distance to drop off a plastic cup for recycling; but any further away and they’ll just dump them with their regular trash.

The team's tickets are printed on recycled paper. And so are the programs. Even the machine that vacuums the field after the game runs on biodiesel, because as Christina puts it, "Game days have a huge environmental impact considering traffic, trash, energy and material consumption, and water use."

Hopefully other pro teams will really pick up the ball and run with it... Pun intended!

via:: ABC News

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