Peter Menzel's Hungry Planet


A Family in China (copyright Peter Menzel Photography)

We really enjoyed Peter Menzel's Material World, which uses artistic photographic images to vividly demonstrate the consumer overdrive in some societies in contrast to the material simplicity with which it is possible to live on this planet. Now Menzel is back with another fascinating peek into the lives of our neighbors around the globe. In Hungry Planet, Menzel documents the foods families eat each week in 24 countries.


A Family in the USA (copyright Peter Menzel Photography)

Looking at the difference in volumes is interesting. Even more telling is the content: packaged, processed and fast foods prevail in some cases. Vast quantities of water leaving trails of plastic packaging speaks to the quantum leap in complexity society has taken since the aquaduct was invented. Where packaging drops out of the picture, a mosaic of colorful vegetables and fruits dominate. How do you eat? How do you want to eat?

If you can't wait to get to the bookstore, the best link to tour some of Menzel's work is the Menzel Recent: GEO article. Many other magazines have picked up one or two of Menzel's photos and can also be browsed in the Menzel Recent general stories.


A Family in the UK (copyright Peter Menzel Photography)

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