Pete Seeger's BP Oil Spill Protest Song (Video)


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Pete Seeger is 91 years old, but he definitely still knows which way the wind blows. The legendary folk singer revealed Friday night at New York's City Winery a new protest song that takes dead aim at the BP oil spill. Seeger rolled out the new song, playing his banjo, at the fundraising concert for the Gulf Restoration Network and Global Green USA.A sample of the lyrics from "God's Counting on Me, God's Counting on You":

"When the drill baby drill turns to spill baby spill/God's counting on me/God's counting on you."

Seeger told Rolling Stone:

"I'm a fan of old songs that have a lot of repetition, spirituals," Seeger said. "Some of the greatest songs in the world only have one line, like 'This little light of mine.' "

Seeger has been busy lately. Besides taking on BP, he's getting the word out on hydraulic fracking, the controversial technique that blasts underground rock formations apart by using highly pressurized water to get to natural gas reserves. Check out the video of Seeger performing against fracking here.

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