PETA Teams Up With Glenn Beck

peta glenn beck photo

Okay, so you're probably just as tired of seeing Glenn Beck's mug grace TreeHugger as I am--but this is more newsworthy on PETA's end than the never-ending stream of Glenn-Beck-said-something-ridiculous-again. And it's newsworthy because PETA's president voluntarily showed up on Beck's show to join him, uniting for a common cause: making fun of Al Gore. Video of the baffling event after the jump:Yes, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk joined Beck to call him a hypocrite for not eating vegetarian. Real classy, PETA--although I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised, seeing as how this is the woman who includes instructions for her body to be barbequed in her own will.

Also note how Beck enshrines PETA in the great hall of organizations he respects--shared with only one other group: the NRA. What an honor.

Okay, I know Gore has a book coming out, and everyone's looking for a piece of cheap Gore-hate to peddle (even the New York Times couldn't resist), but come on. This is just ridiculous.

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