Permaculture Association UK Annual Convergence

The permaculture convergence is a gathering of community activists and gardeners photo

A Gathering of Activists
Permaculture is one of those concepts that's a little difficult to explain — and while Warren's post did a good job of laying out the basics of "permanent agriculture", I often find it's not until folks really immerse themselves in both the theory and practice that they get a complete grasp of all that permaculture has to offer. One fantastic opportunity for UK-based readers to learn more, and to discover the vast network of permaculture projects around the country, is to attend the Permaculture Association UK's annual convergence — which is coming up on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September in the Wharfe valley in West Yorkshire.
The program includes workshops, practical sessions, project case studies, networking, exhibitions, woodland walks, games, and the association's annual general meeting. The convergence will also be attended by Roberto Perez, the permaculture designer who starred in the 'Power of Community, How Cuba Survived Peak Oil' (for a taster of what Roberto may be talking about you can also read Lloyd's post on Cuban community gardens). As someone who has attended a number of convergences, I can promise you you won't be disappointed.

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