Pepsi Launches Eye Roll-Worthy iPhone App for How to Score With TreeHuggers

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There's a reason why this app didn't make it into our list of iPhone apps that help you live a green life. Mainly because it's an app that only incredibly offensive or down right pathetic iPhone users would admit to having on their phone. It tells you how to score with various "types" of women, including TreeHuggers.

After breaking women down into 24 types, it tells you what you need to know to land a date (to put it prudishly) with each. For Treehuggers, the app includes your pick-up lines, green tweets (is @TreeHugger listed in there??) gaining access to your fake carbon footprint number, a list of vegan restaurants to rattle off as if you frequent them, and so on.

It's got to be tongue-in-cheek, because it is painful to think anyone would take this seriously as a way to pick up women. But that certainly doesn't stop it from being ridiculously offensive to women. We don't disagree that "the Treehugger is one of nature's greatest treasures," but if you want to pick one up in a bar, you might want to try being someone who wouldn't have this on your iPhone.

Blushing because you kinda wanted to know how to score with a Treehugger but didn't want to be a complete ass and download the app? Don't worry, we've got your back on this. See the links below.

(Via Mashable)

UPDATE: Pepsi noticed that the app caused quite an uproar and has not only apologized for it via Twitter, but gave themselves the hashtag #Pepsifail. And, as Mashable points out, now it's just a matter of seeing if the negative response is enough for them to pull the app, or if it'll fade to dark.

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