People of the World Lift a Finger Against the Hummer


If you ever had the urge to give a Hummer the finger but felt it lacked the context of a movement, you can now join hundreds of frustrated citizens as they jubilantly flip off "the ultimate poseur vehicle," the H2. FUH2 is a site that compiles pics of people flipping the bird to Hummers the world over. You can browse through oodles of pics people have submitted, submit your own, read fan mail and hate mail, and buy nifty merchandize—including a Chuck Close-style poster of tiny images of people fingering Hummers that makes up a composite image of a yellow H2. Pretty damn clever.The H2 might well be the most un-Treehugger thing you can buy on the market. Classified as a truck, it escapes federal fuel efficiency standards, gets about 10 mpg, is hazardous to other drivers, and isn't any safer for the kids inside, as we've recently learned. If you really want one, just get the cologne—I'm sure it smells a little better. Maybe. Coincidently, I've been conducting my own personal Hummer thumbs-down campaign for a while now, not even knowing that other hand gestures were being rallied for the cause. I don't think I could go for face to face bird-flicking, personally, but part of me relishes the sight. C'mon, admit it. :: FUH2 via Jalopnik