People of Portland: Tell Us About Your City


Today, we are launching a new series of posts titled: "Tell Us About Your City". Each time, we will pick a different sizable city and ask our wonderful readers who live there to let the world know about your corner of the world (if you don't live there but know people that do, please send them our way). This week, we selected Portland (Oregon, USA): We want to know what are the good, and what are the bad things going on there. What is the general level of eco-consciousness in population? How is it for cyclists? How's public transportation? Suburban sprawl? Air quality? Recycling/composting? As time passes, are things getting better or worse? Anything you think we might find interesting, please share it with us in the comments of this post. If we use a lead you wrote and write a post or do a TreeHuggerTV episode about it, you will given credit. But the most interesting thing, potentially, is to see if a group of our readers from Portland could coordinate an event to make a difference - even if a small one - in city. It can be anything; a meeting to decide what to do or some direct action, lobbying local politicians, cleaning up a park... It's up to you. So please, people of Portland, tell us about your city. ::Wikipedia Entry on Portland