Pedros Bicycle Bits

When we discovered that Bike USA 2005 had recycled handlebar tape, we wondered what else might be out there for bicycles. One thing lead to another and we arrived at Pedros. Purveyors of some greener items for pedal pushers. They have a wide collection of handlebar grips made, we believe, from 65% recycled rubber. They also have a seat bag, just right for humping tools around. This is made from reused inner tubes, which is pretty cute. Well, it would be if they hadn’t teamed those old tubes with a vinyl (boo hiss) fabric. But then they go and redeem themselves, with bike cleansers and degreasers that are biodegradable with some even derived from citrus extracts, having names like Oranj Peelz. An all natural ingredient lip balm is referenced on their site, as well, but detail on the contents are sparse. ::Pedros