Museum's Geodesic Dome Houses Human-Powered Light Show (Video)

Bruce Munro Star Turn light installation© Bruce Munro

We've previously covered the entrancing work of artist Bruce Munro, whose "Field of Light" installation kicked off at Bath, England's Holbourne Museum last month. But that wasn't all: Munro and designer James Augustini also set up an intriguing geodesic dome structure, twinkling with lights which spin and trace graceful light trails, all thanks to pedal power. You can see it in action here in this video:

Bruce Munro Star Turn light installation© Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro Star Turn light installation© Bruce Munro

The "Star-Turn" installation was made as part of a fundraising effort Help for Heroes, a charity for wounded war veterans. The installation featured a geodesic dome that protected riders of a static Specialized Sirrus bike, which when pedalled, would spin attached armatures mounted with a helix of tea light candles each.

According to the press release, Munro's design was inspired by accident:

Having recently fallen off his bike in the lanes near his workshop one dark and forbidding winter afternoon, Munro set about designing a sculptural piece for fundraising which he envisaged as the ultimate artistic cycling machine. It would not only keep riders warm and dry – it would also protect their egos from a battering and give them a chance to claim their 15 minutes of fame.

Bruce Munro Star Turn light installation© Bruce Munro

The result: a spiralling, fire-lit light show that lasted most of the night until 4:30 am, with various volunteers taking turns lending some leg power for 15 minute intervals, while donors plopped coins into a big bucket nearby.

We're hoping to see this awesome installation reused somewhere else -- maybe reincarnated in some other form? More of Bruce Munro's scintillating works on his website -- and donations to Help for Heroes here.

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