Peats Ridge Festival - Sustainable Music Event


All the power is either solar or biodiesel generated. The toilets are composting, the showers low flow, the food organic, the crockery, cutlery & food boxes biodegradable, the cleaning products synthetic chemical free, the transport options include a bus or an escorted bike train. Every drink sold has a hearty container deposit levy applied, thus making economic sense for them to be returned, for recycling. This might be a four day music festival but it's commitment to sustainable practices runs way deeper than many high profile events that we've reported on previously. A music festival complete with 11 stages shaking to the beat of "World Music, Blues Roots & Dub, Contemporary Music and Chilled Beats" does seem like just the place you'd expect to find performance, installation, roving and theatrical musical artists, but a University undertaking an Environmental Audit? Well, here you will, 'coz the Peats Ridge Festival wants to achieve ISO 14001 registration for environmental management. So if you want to see in the New Year with some grooving green be sure to look it up. ::Peats Ridge Festival.

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