Peak Moment TV's Economic Meltdown Sale

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Peak Oil DVDs at Bargain Prices
The summer's gas prices may have gotten us hopeful of real change — but even as our economy melts around us, collective amnesia already seems to be settling in. But not everyone forgets. From protecting your money in a declining economy through backyard permaculture in Oregon to Matt Simmons' warnings that the oil crunch will dwarf the financial crunch, the folks at Peak Moment TV have been a valuable resource for information about peak oil and what we can do to adapt. But even they are not completely independent of our current economy — so they've decided to hold an "economic meltdown sale" on all DVDs. Read on for some of the great titles you can purchase at up to 40% discount. With the IEA Chief Economist warning about imminent peak oil, these could make perfect last minute holiday gifts for the oiloholics in your life.
Visit Peak Moment's full list of DVDs for complete details, but here is a taste of some of the titles available:

Preparing Traditional Nourishment - Five Cooking Classes with Shan Kendall, based on the work of Weston A. Price. Covers lacto-fermented foods, eggs, mineral-rich stocks, soaked grain dishes, healthy "soft drinks." Five DVD set.

A Permaculture Perspective: Living in Authenticity During Energy Descent - Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture explains how in a good permaculture design, work is minimized, yields (food, energy, income) increase, waste is eliminated and the environment is restored.

Communities Preparing for Energy and Climate Change - Five presentations from "A Renaissance of Local 2007" provide a conceptual framework for responding to climate change and declining energy resources, with examples of communities working toward self-reliance and strengthening their local economies. Presenters include Richard Heinberg (Peak Everything), Julian Darley (Communities Preparing), Daniel Lerch (Post Carbon Cities), Michael Brownlee (Relocalizing), and Janaia Donaldson (Peak Moment Sampler).

Green for All - An Evening with Van Jones - Van Jones lays out his vision of "Green For All" in which the emerging economy of energy conservation and renewables also includes "green collar jobs," especially for the economically disadvantaged.

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