Peace One Day

21 September is the United Nations International Day of Peace. That this event is universally celebrated on this day, with the intent of becoming a day of global ceasefire, is almost entirely due to the passion of one man. Britain's Jeremy Gilley. Back in 1999 he commenced a personal project that he labelled Peace One Day. Producing a film of his journey, it documents how, in a borrowed suit, he travelled from London to Costa Rica, Africa, India, and the Middle East, all the way to upper echelons of the United Nations. He cajoled, enthused and urged everyone from school kids, to the Dali Lama to bring this day into reality. Finally he was in New York at the United Nations, with Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, about to ring the UN peace bell and proclaim the day, when literally within minutes of the event getting under way, two planes flew into the World Trade Centre. Yet, in the spite of a world changed, right before his eyes, he still persisted in bringing this event to the world. Jeremy is no Bono or Bob Geldorf. And his story is all the more powerful for not being a celebrity. He was just an ordinary guy with one extraordinary vision. He shows that one person can make a difference. That naivety and inexperience should not hold us back from seizing the day. Someone else famous once said "Imagine all the people / living life in peace... / You may say I'm a dreamer, / but I'm not the only one". Sustainability is not possible, on this one shared planet, until we respect, not just biological diversity, but also human cultural diversity. Watch Jeremy's award winning film [on DVD], and if nothing else, heed the lesson contained within, that only by getting off the couch and pursuing dreams, can we make them true. ::Peace One Day