New PBS Series "Food Forward" to Highlight Unsung Food Heroes (Video)

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Comedian Chris Rock has a bit about failing a black history class because all he knew about black history was Martin Luther King, and the Civil Rights leader was his answer to every question. The joke goes:

Teacher: What's the capital of Zaire?
Chris Rock: Martin Luther King.
Teacher: Tell us the name of the woman who would not give up her seat on the bus.
Christ Rock: Oh, that's hard. Are ya sure it was a woman? Okay I got it: Martina Luther King.

It’s funny because it‘s true. Educators often focus on the most popular leaders of movements. One can imagine a student answering Michael Pollan or Alice Waters to every question about the food movement in the future. Fortunately, “Food Forward,” a new documentary series premiering next month on PBS, will highlight the lesser-known food rebels across the country.

Watch a Trailer for “Food Forward”

"Food Forward" was created by filmmaker Greg Roden, cinematographer David Linstrom and award-winning journalist Stett Holbrook.

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Each episode will focus on the people who are living--and creating--viable alternatives to how food is grown and what we eat. The diverse themes--school lunch reform, urban agriculture, sustainable fishing, grass-fed beef, and soil science--have the potential to reach a wide audience as we tune in to learn about the people creating change in our communities.

Check your PBS listings for “Food Forward” airings.

New PBS Series "Food Forward" to Highlight Unsung Food Heroes (Video)
A new documentary series on PBS will feature the food rebels who are changing how communities eat across the country.

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