Paying Taxes: Go For The Green

The IRS begins accepting e-filed tax forms this coming Friday, January 13, and H&R; Block wants people to be ready. So they've declared tomorrow, Thursday, January 12, as
National Tax Advice Day
, hitting the streets and cyberspace alike with free advice to help taxpayers maximize their deductions. Hybrid sales nearly tripled in 2005, so more people than ever will need to know the updated tax-related benefits of owning a hybrid car and other deductions for a things like owning a clean-fuel vehicle. There are also tax breaks for hurricane victims and charitable donors and even a deduction available for those of us who purchased mp3 players in the past year. All told, there are more tricks and tips than you can shake a stick at, so check out the website for all the info on how to be green and get more green during this tax season.
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