Paving the Way for KFC's Double Down: The 5 Grossest American Fast Food Ideas (Video)


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Today is the day. Call it the heart attack heard 'round the world. Yes, today KFC's already-infamous Double Down--the bacon and cheese "sandwich" where the bun is comprised of two chunks of fried chicken--hits fast food chains and mall food courts across the nation. I already tipped my hat/suppressed a gag reflex at KFC's nauseatingly audacious ad campaign to push a product they know is sort of gross. So today, in order to celebrate the Double Down's official inauguration into the fast food hall of fame as sarcastically as possible, I present to you five disgusting ideas the fast food industry sold America--and the often hilarious videos that take them on.Michael Pollan, if you're reading this, I beg you to close your browser window--this is about to get gross.

Jimmy Dean's Pancake and Sausage on a Stick

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If you watch the Daily Show with any regularity, you've probably seen Jon break out this bad boy--which gives the Double Down itself a run for its money in terms of nastiness. And then there's the telling takeaway line: "America: continuing to push the envelope of what can technically be defined as food." So true. So painfully true.

The Multi-Multi-Layered Taco

This SNL sketch lampoons the fast food trend of late to pile as much stuff onto a food product as possible--championing the 'more-is-better' ethos that practically defines the fast food industry. The direct target was probably Taco Bell's Cheesy Gordita Crunch, which inexplicably added a layer of cheese-filled soft taco on top of a standard taco.

McDonald's Invincible French Fries

Many probably believe McDonald's French Fries to be one of the least gross things on its menu. So how come they won't decompose? What are those things really made of? One health expert uncovered a similar finding--except the entire Happy Meal wouldn't decompose after a whole year on her shelf! Remember, real food is supposed to decompose, folks . . .

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