Paul Watson's First Talk With Media After Being Released From Jail (Video)

Well, as expected Paul Watson was released on bail yesterday, and promptly gave a press conference, embedded above.

There's not much new on the specifics of the case. Watson's lawyer states they both won't comment on it, and reveals that they haven't yet had access to the requisite court documents. That said, contrary to some media reports, Watson confirms he is not facing with any murder charges, just far less serious maritime charges—though still enough to warrant over a decade in jail, possibly.

As for the timing of a Costa Rican diplomatic trip to Germany and other European nations, Watson discounts it as coincidence, in that his travel plans were presumably not known nor influence the timing of a high-level trip such as this.

Which is probably true enough, though it is worth mentioning that Germany and Costa Rica have extensive trade ties and have been exchanging trade missions for the past six months. Which is only to say that in some tangental way those chummy relations perhaps influenced Germany's decision to act on the arrest warrant even while other European nations didn't, and INTERPOL questioned its merits.

Watson instead continues to highlight the timing of the re-issuing of the arrest warrant with the start of civil prosecution by Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research (since concluded, in Sea Shepherd's favor).

When this is all concluded I imagine a tangled picture will emerge, with elements of the German-Costa Rican trade relationship, a desire within Laura Chinchilla's administration to look tough on crime while distractingac from domestic corruption scandals, illegal shark fishermen linked to the Taiwanese mafia, and the Japanese whaling industry all occupying the complex scene.

In the immediate, though Watson is out on bail, he must remain in Germany. Costa Rica has 90 days to produce the required paperwork to actually extradite him.

Paul Watson's First Talk With Media After Being Released From Jail (Video)
When this is all said and done a far more complex picture may emerge than simply targeting a high profile activist.

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