Paul Watson Faces 15 Years Imprisonment in Costa Rica

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Some more on the case of Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, currently under arrest in Germany and facing extradition to Costa Rica.

Extradition proceedings continue in Germany, with the "general Public Prosecuter to the Higher Regional Court requesting[ing] a preliminary extradition warrant against Captain Paul Watson, on the basis of the local arrest warrant and request for extradition from Costa Rica," Sea Shepherd reports.

As in this case the German Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs can stop the extradition proceedings, Sea Shepherd continues its call to supporters to pressure the MoJ to intervene and prevent the extradition proceeding.

Meanwhile, Tico Times reports that Costa Rican attorney Federico Morales Herrera has presented himself to the courts there as Watson's representative.

Should the extradition go forward—and it could be some time before that happens as Watson can be held for 90 days—Watson faces up to 15 years in prison on charges of reckless endangerment of a vessel at sea with the intent to cause a shipwreck. The statue of limitations on the charges expires in June 2013.

As for the age of the incident, why Watson was arrested now, there was a previous arrest warrant for Watson stemming from the 2002 incident. However, this one expired and a new one issued last October, coinciding, according to Sea Shepherd spokesman Peter Hammarstedt, with the start of a prosecution against Sea Shepherd by Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research in the US District Court in Seattle.

Paul Watson Faces 15 Years Imprisonment in Costa Rica
The wheels of justice move slowly, and it may be some time before Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson is actually extradited to Costa Rica, but should that happen and he's convicted he faces over a decade in prison.

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