Paul Newman & Michel Nischan Open Organic Restaurant


Celebrity chef Michel Nischan is to cuisine what Danny Seo is to home décor - a public figure dedicated to bringing green ideas to mainstream America. Like Mr. Seo, chef Nischan has partnered with the LIME network to host a TV series on eco-living. His cooking program "Pure and Simple," combines kitchen demonstrations with on-the-scene travels by Nischan as he discovers new techniques and ingredients and brings them home to his kitchen on a sustainably run farm in the Hudson Valley. Seo and Nischan also share a knack for bringing celebrity spangle to the green movement, as demonstrated by Nischan's recent collaboration with Paul Newman. Some time this summer the pair will open the Dressing Room, a locally-grown organic restaurant next door to the Westport Country Playhouse in Connecticut. As an adjunct to the dining establishment, Nischan has also helped establish a new farmer's market that will run in the shared parking lot of the restaurant and playhouse. Via: Hugg