Patrick Swayze's Green Legacy, Emma Watson's Sustainable Fashion, and More

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A lot's been said about Patrick Swayze this week, and whether you'll miss him most for his Point Break action scenes, his Ghost-era clay-sculpting, his Chippendales Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley, or the irreplaceable "Nobody puts Baby in a corner," his green efforts are just as important to his legacy.Swayze, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2008, considered himself a conservationist after he filmed King Solomon's Mines in South Africa, coming home with intentions of putting together a documentary series on conservation. He told the LA Times in 2004, "Playing this game of rancher and wildlife conservationist, and musician and actor, director and producer, I feel like I wasted time with stardom back in the '80s." While the documentary never made it to the screen, Swayze's love for his own dogs and horses reportedly brought him comfort during even the toughest parts of his cancer battle. (Via Green Daily)

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Harry Potter actress Emma Watson confirmed this week that she's somehow conjured up the time--between filming both installments of the seventh book and taking on a freshman curriculum at Brown University--to oversee a line with ethical fashion brand People Tree. While Watson has already made herself a bold-faced fashion name, she says the new line will be more accessible, with organic and fair trade clothing and accessories aimed at men and women from 16-24. (Via Guardian)

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When members of the African Maasai tribe take to the streets of New York City to run the marathon this November in support of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, they'll be running alongside one unexpected team member: actor Edward Norton. Though Norton has been supporting the Conservation Trust for nearly a decade, he's never run a marathon before. "The idea picked up traction pretty quickly," he told CNN. "Then I was like, 'Wait a minute. What have I just done?'" All the funds raised will go to the Conservation Trust, which supports biodiversity and preservation in East Africa. (Via CNN)

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While most of the press about Matt Damon's new film, The Informant, focuses on the actor's 30-pound weight gain, Damon used the New York premiere of the film to draw attention to a more important issue: his fight to supply clean water to the more than one billion people worldwide who don't have any. The film's opening became a partnership with the National Resources Defense Council, which considers dirty water "the world's greatest health risk."
(Via Ecorazzi)

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