Launches Oil Change Campaign
Participant Productions was created by Jeff Skoll, ex-President of eBay and now Philanthropic billionaire. "Our goal is to deliver compelling entertainment that will raise awareness about important social issues, educate audiences and inspire them to take action." For more info on their last movies follow these links: Good Night, And Good Luck, the "media" movie with George Clooney, North Country, the "sexual harassment" movie with Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson, and Syriana, the soon to be released "oil" movie with George Clooney and Matt Damon. Each of these movies has a community website/blog where actors, producers, guest bloggers and regular visitors can post and discuss things related to the subject of the movie. Today, launches its campaign for Syriana: Oil Change. I will be guest-blogging there for the foreseeable future and I hope that some of our readers will take the plunge, create an account and participate. Participant Productions are doing good things and bringing important issues to the mainstream consciousness. I seriously encourage people to see their movies (bring friends). ::Oil Change,, ::Participant Productions, ::New George Clooney Movie Gives TerraPass a Boost