Park(ing) Day at the Terry Thomas in Seattle

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We're big fans of Weber Thompson's Terry Thomas Building in Seattle; it is the new office building that acts like an old one, with windows in the bathrooms, no air conditioning and all kinds of simple yet very clever solutions. Trust them to come up with a creative response to Park(ing) Day as well. STEP 2: LAY OUT THE PLYWOOD AND BAMBOO TILES

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They write: "For our space we had the great pleasure to collaborate with Berger Partnership. After some discussion we settled on the very fitting and necessary concept of "Urban Zen". What exactly defines "Urban Zen"? Our vision incorporates traditional Asian designs and materials paired with more "fast paced" necessities used in an entirely different way.

Rather than drinking the coffee, why not rake coffee beans into cool designs?

Rather than sitting at your desk all day to the point of dry eyes, why not take your lap top and sit in the park?

Rather than tying yourself to the treadmill, why not throw your inhibitions to the wind and practice yoga with our Rain Fitness instructor, Jenniferlyn?"


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More at ::The Terry Thomas

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