Paris Hilton (not) Getting Hummer Hybrid

Paris Hilton's claim to environmentalism seems to have got bogged down in the sand by a comment over a fictional Hummer hybrid. She was recently given a free hybrid by Ford, and apparently later told press that she had also ordered a hybrid Hummer. She was quoted as saying, "Driving hybrid cars is the new way to go. Anyone can do it, no matter how old." Wise words indeed, even if we didn't understand the part about age being important. However, a GM spokesperson was quoted as saying, "such a car doesn't exist."

Oh, dear. Even if a hybrid Hummer was available, would it be that green, something to brag about? No, it would probably struggle to break double MPG figures. Told of her error she then changed tack, saying, "I'm trying to get a Hummer one designed." According to Auto Blog Green, GM did make a hydrogen Hummer just for the Governator, Arnie, so there is hope for the famous... what is it she does again? ::Auto Blog Green

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