"Paris Hilton Goes Green" According to the PR Folks

Paris Hilton and the word "green" in the same sentence? Ha! (snort!) Hollywood.com reported yesterday that the clinker really made Paris think about her lifestyle. Yes that's right: she's "going green" and encouraging her fans to do the same. So does this mean that Paris has audited her ecological footprint? Not quite. She's traded in her Range Rover SUV in favor of a Ford hybrid car. But one thing we should probably mention is that this was after she was given a free model by the car's manufacturers. Paris was noted as saying, "Driving hybrid cars is the new way to go. Anyone can do it, no matter how old." (Whatever the bleep that means.) You know we encourage green going mainstream, but we have to say we're not impressed by the PR stunt, honey. Via & Photo Credit ::Hollywood.com