Paris Graffitied with Hundreds of Rainbow Origami for Peace

Mademoiselle Maurice is a 28-year-old French artist who has taken her experience of living in Japan during the Fukushima nuclear disaster to the streets of Paris. She has installed paper rainbows throughout the city using hundreds and hundreds of origami.

"Following these events, I decided to participate in the tribute for Sadako Sasaki. Sadako lived the horror of the Hiroshima bomb and its tragic consequences. A few years later she was suffering from leukemia caused by the atomic events of 1945. She told the Japanese legend of 1000 cranes: to fulfill her vow, she had to make 1000 origami cranes. Her wish was to heal but then Sadako died at the age of 12 after not having made ​​only 644 cranes ...therefore, children from all over Japan confectionnèrent cranes in memory of Sadako," she adds.

Maurice chose to use the rainbow because it's a symbol of peace.

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