Papergirl: Free Art Delivered To You - By Bicycle

Papergirl #3 from Papergirl on Vimeo.

What could be more delectable than art delivered to you - out of the blue - on a bike, other than it's free? That's the premise behind Berlin's art project called Papergirl, founded by Aisha Ronniger, where "paperboys and papergirls" go around the city on bicycles bestowing wrapped packages of art pieces - prints, posters, etc. - onto unsuspecting passerby. The concept is imaginative and fun, but also bike- and pedestrian-friendly. So how do actions like these that make our cities more livable and connected?Well, first of all, behind the scenes Papergirl is not a juried-art type of thing. It's an open call for submissions, and each year since 2006 Ronniger has received artworks from all over the world, which is rolled up and delivered like newspapers by a team of volunteers.

In an interview Sezio asks Ronniger: "You say the works show a great range of quality and quantity. Why did you decide to make Papergirl an "open call" submission and not a juried show?"

Ronniger: I think it comes from a street art point of view. The streets are not curated either and all the work that is out there is sort of a present to the viewer, too! Through this decision the visitor of the show turns into a curator. And also, I don't want to tell anyone what he can or can't give away.

Mmm. Solid street cred. But also, the project was born as a response to the tightening of a law in 2005 that equated street posters with graffiti. The Papergirl website states:

...the idea of distributing art by bike came more from a search for new ways to bring art straight to society, and have more fun doing so, than out of fear or possible punishment.

Even without the cultural context, Papergirl is a great way for emerging artists to get their work out into the public. The concept is one that is transferrable to other cities too, as long as there are bikes and pedestrians. So far, Papergirl has been adapted to California, and is rumoured to appear in Spain soon as well. If you're sufficiently inspired, you could also start your own Papergirl collective, delivering much-needed art to the masses.

Wooster Collective via Sezio
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