Pakistani Soldier Plants 20,101 Trees in One Day! Sets New World Record

sapling photo

Not one of the saplings planted... Photo: Jason Scragz via flickr

Let that sink in for a second: Over a period of 18 hours and 40 minutes on September 29th, Muhammed Yousuf Jamil, a Lance Naik (Lance Corporal) in the Pakistani Army singlehandedly planted 20,101 tree saplings--a new Guinness World Record, set at the pace of over 18 trees a minute. Now that's the spirit! The total would have been higher, but monitoring officials disqualified some 400 saplings on the grounds that they were "poorly planted".The previous record of 15,170 trees, held by Ken Chaplin from Canada, was set in 2001.

According to reports from India's The Hindu, Jamil started planted at 2pm local time on Tuesday in the city of Gujranwala on a 12 acre site.

For his efforts, Jamil received a nearly $7000 prize from his commander, as well as a promotion.

On a larger scale entirely, in 2009 a Pakistani team of 300 set another variation of the tree planting world record: Planting 541,176 trees in twenty four hours at a site along the Indus River.

I have to say that I'm not usually a big fan of world records, but if it's for planting trees in one day, let's ramp up the competition. And let's hope those trees are properly cared for and survive.

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