Painting the Town Green at Tokyo Ecolife Fair 2008

Environment Month and Environment Day 2008 have seen a variety of festivals around the globe, and Japan was not to be outdone. This weekend saw the Ecolife Fair burst into life with a veritable smorgasboard of all things environmental, not to mention a liberal helping of local celebrities, artists and musicians.


The second annual festival of its kind in Tokyo, Ecolife Fair 2008 was held at Yoyogi Park and NHK TV Studios in Tokyo, Japan. With sponsors such as NHK, Japan's largest television network, and Team Minus 6%, an organization founded by the Japanese government and environmental NPOs to promote the 6% CO2 emissions reduction goal established under the Kyoto Protocol, the event was guaranteed success. The organizers at J-com managed to successfully create an uplifting atmosphere that was a combination of an outdoor music and culture festival, combined with business networking and showcasing of new technologies, plus more than 20,000 people attending over two days ensured plenty of action and excitement for all.


In addition to environment the organizers called on a bunch of the celebrity support, including live performances from famous Japanese bands such as Yama-arashi and Ohashi Trio.


However, there was enough in the way of "serious" discussions, practical information and a dash of the latest eco-tech such as fuel-cell cars, new micro-wind turbine designs and bicycle generators to keep even deep green environmentalists happy.

Although there isn't much information in English on the Ecolife Fair 2008, over the next few days we will be bringing you some of the behind the scenes details of what went down at Ecolife, and what is up-and-coming on the environmental scene in Tokyo, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog spot.

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