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    Eco-Celeb: Leonardo DiCaprio

    November 30, 2:03 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s been championing environmental causes for quite some time now. His foundation’s website features sections on global warming, sustainability, and other issues, plus a page tracking the ecological record of George W. Bush – not exactly

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    Wanna come to the NYC TreeHugger Launch Party?

    November 30, 7:00 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    TreeHugger will be officially "opening its kimono", as my cousin Tish would say, next Tuesday night at 7:30 in an undisclosed lower manhattan location. It's co-launching with Voltaic Systems' Solar Backpack and some of the Greek Cups will surely be in

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    Eco-Celeb: Angela Lindvall

    November 29, 1:42 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    After you’ve checked out the day’s eco-wares on TreeHugger, take a look at the Collage Foundation for some more. Model and actor Angela Lindvall founded the non-profit to encourage a trend for environmental, political, and social concern. Who says models

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    Emiliano Godoy's Biodegradable Sugar Golf Tee

    November 29, 12:28 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    So you’ve got water soluble golf balls, but still chopping down trees for tees? Mexican designer Emiliano Godoy’s got the solution for you: fully biodegradable golf tees made of sugar for his Sweet Disposable collection. Apparently they pose no threat

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    Q&A.; Kitchen Counter Redux.

    November 29, 1:50 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Q. Hoping you can help. What I am looking to do is take my old laminate kitchen counters… paint them maybe glitter them… then cover them in a clear coat resin or epoxy. So I am looking for an eco-friendly food safe resin or epoxy that is clear and can

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    World Expo 2005 in Japan: "Nature's Wisdom"

    November 28, 12:56 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    During the 20th century, remarkable progress was obviously made in science and technology, high-speed transportation, and information and communications technologies. All of these things greatly accelerated global exchange among people, goods, and

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    Woody Harrelson's Oasis Room for Hotel Triton

    November 26, 11:51 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Planning a trip to San Francisco? A celebrity-designed eco-suite at Hotel Triton might be a change from the Bates Motel. Celeb designs room; eco-charity gets 10% of the nightly rate; you get a cool place to sleep. We’re not sold on all the celebs’ design

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    Intel's Surfer Surfboard

    November 25, 5:26 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Earlier this year, Intel commissioned their own design nerds and a surfboard shaper in the U.K. to fabricate a stick embedded with a tablet PC. Why? Simply so they could market their new Centrino processor to tawny, brawny beach babes at sandy

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    William McDonough + Partners, Architecture and Community Design

    November 25, 4:33 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    You’ve read the book. Now take a look at the man and his firm. William McDonough + Partners apply the Cradle to Cradle philosophy to buildings from academic facilities to factories. Following the lead of natural ecosystems, in which every element depends

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    Trickle Up celebrates 25 years of micro-entrepreneurs

    November 25, 1:10 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    They line the roads and scenic car parks of Africa, and elsewhere. Those unsung craftspersons who can conjure up the most incredible artworks, from whatever materials are to hand. 1/6th scale motorbike replicas, made almost entirely from wire coat

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    Call for Papers and Concepts: Sustainable Innovation 05

    November 24, 11:04 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Calling all smarty-pants: The Centre for Sustainable Design’s Sustainable Innovation 05 Conference has been announced for October 28-29, 2005. It will be held in Brussels, Belgium. Supported by the United Nations Environment Programme, the conference

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    Recycling Computers and How much Crap is in them

    November 23, 6:38 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    A recent Macintosh computer fair in California made arrangements to provide attendees with free disposal of their old computer equipment, including monitors and other electronics. Macfair partnered with Ease-e-waste to recycle the 11,280 pounds (5,120kg)

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    Andy Goldsworthy's River and Tides DVD

    November 23, 5:16 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Goldsworthy rules. Plain and simple. He makes amazing art out of natural materials, vision and a whole lotta patience. There are great photo books of his work but TreeHugger really recommends seeing his documentary "Rivers and Tides". Time is an

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    Ryan, Durning's book: Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everday Things

    November 23, 5:01 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Scary Stuff. This not a new book. But all the more important because of that. It amply demonstrates just how aware we need to be, as 'consumers'. Following a day-in-the-life of fictional North American, it peels away the veil of hidden impact in daily

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    Ecotip: Glass - What's the Environmental Impact?

    November 22, 11:40 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Most of the time we forget it's even there. Largely because we can't see it. Glass. Humankind's invisibility trick. Something that looks like nothing. The environmental impact of glass is, however, more translucent than completely clear. A recipe of

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    U2's Bono to Design Jeans for Rogan

    November 22, 8:53 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Would you trust Victoria Beckham to design your jeans? Neither would I. Fortunately, a line of jeans designed by Bono is scheduled for release around the same time as hers next summer. More to the point, his jeans will use environmentally friendly

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    Clive Hamilton's 'Growth Fetish'

    November 22, 1:49 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    An often uncomfortable book to read. Yet equally empowering. In the following excerpt, four quotes have been culled to create a single paragraph. Hopefully you'll get a hint of the revolution that Clive is fermenting."Economic growth does not create

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    Top Five - Toyota's hybrid concept vehicles

    November 20, 8:49 PM by TreeHugger in Culture

    From automotive brawn to porn, Toyota look like they are out to capture all segments of the fast emerging low emission, fuel efficient vehicles. And given the kudos they are getting for their proven Prius hybrid sedan its easy to see why they want to


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