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    Recycler: 5 TreeHugger Bags Made from Strange Materials

    February 26, 4:00 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Bags from skateboards, marker tops, industrial waste, cedar and old car upholstery? Who'd have thunkit? Know any other fun bags?

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    Radio Flyer's Earth Wagon

    February 25, 10:15 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Ah, the wagon. Brings back memories, right? Your Radio Flyer is probably still out in the shed or garage, needing a new coat of paint for your own children. Well check this out: here’s one that won’t rot, split or need new painting because it’s made

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    Laurenceleste Children's Clothing

    February 24, 9:16 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    They've been in Organic Style, Oprah's "O" Magazine and InStyle. Stylish celebs such as Téa Leoni and Sting purchase their clothing line for their kids and as gifts. Lauren Murphy and Celeste Bayer were on a mission to be organic entrepreneurs

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    Recycler: 5 Protos TreeHugger would like to see go Prime-Time

    February 24, 7:00 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Adjustable-height heels, waterless dishwashing, full-on eco-condos? Let's hope these eco-macgyvers push to make their concepts into realities. Like, now.

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    Eco-furniture: A broad and very subjective list, by David Bergman

    February 22, 11:11 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    David Bergman, eco-designer extraordinaire, professor, and Viridian, has recently uploaded a new list of eco-furniture sources to the Viridians Web site, called "Eco-furniture: A broad and very subjective list." His guiding principle: "What if

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    Green Drinks, Green-Links

    February 22, 10:55 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    From the hipsters behind Green Drinks, a networking event that gets people from a spectrum of fields in various cities together to talk eco-shop, comes Green-Links, an incredibly useful online resource for folks like you. Green-Links is a New

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    Recycle For Breast Cancer

    February 22, 10:01 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    If you’re like us, then you cringe when people in your office throw old ink and toner cartridges in the trash. Isn’t there anything that can be done? Well there is in fact something that you can do, not only at the office, but also at home. Recycle For

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    Recycler: 5 Weirder than Average Posts from our Past

    February 22, 7:00 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    1.Ye ol' solar vibrator. Git your motors running in the Solar category.

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    Recycler: 5 Things For You Not To Own

    February 21, 6:30 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Product Service Systems. Will someone come up with a better name? Criminy. The best PSS example is a library. You don't really need to own all the books you read (environment + $),so you borrow. This transforms the product into a service. What else can

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    Random: Sivan Lewin Still-Life Photographer

    February 20, 6:19 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    One of the frustrations that we run into is when we find decent eco-design work that is terribly photographed. Friend of TreeHugger, Sivan Lewin, does excellent still-life photography based out of New York. Please contact Sivan if you need help on this

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    Non-Ode to a Cocktail Napkin

    February 19, 6:03 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Dear Cocktail Napkin, How I tire of you! Thrown down on the bar as a gesture of "excellent customer service", you serve nothing more than this empty gesture. You immediately stick to the bottom of my drink causing me to peel you off and dispose of you.

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    Recycler: 5 TreeHugger How-Tos

    February 19, 5:54 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    1. Convert your diesel ride to run on grease.

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    Announcing Design*Sponge's DIY Contest

    February 18, 11:45 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    This just in from Miss Design*Sponge, who asked us to pass it on, and we're happy to oblige: Design*Sponge is hosting a DIY contest for those of you out there who've yet to be discovered. Yes you! (Ahem—all of you 2x4 naysayers are invited to give

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    EvironDesign 9

    February 17, 10:59 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Produced by greenies Interiors & Sources and Green@work magazines, the EnvironDesign seminar, now in its ninth year, will bring together leaders, visionaries, and you to focus on the ideas that will carry sustainable design and business practices into

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    Take Action: Victoria's Dirty Secret

    February 17, 7:36 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Every day, over 10 million of them are sent to addresses all over the world. Many of the people who get them never wanted them in the first place. They have been the fuel for controversy ranging from religious, to political, to environmental circles.

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    Recycler: 5 Q&As; from the Q&A; Category

    February 17, 3:49 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    2. Should I use paper or plastic?

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    Random: Big, Big News from Interior of B.C.

    February 16, 10:52 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Keeping it light here people...Found this in the window of a diner in a small town near Revelstoke, B.C. where TreeHugger pal Greg Hill back-country skis. Unfortunately, TreeHugger couldn't be around for the grand opening...Mmmmmmmm,

  • ski-2004.jpg

    Keep Winter Cool

    February 15, 11:56 AM by TreeHugger in Culture

    Seeing as how 2004 went on record as the fourth warmest recorded in history, and seeing as how we love snow, we thought we’d bring Keep Winter Cool to your attention. The organization is a collaboration between the Natural Resources Defense Council and


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