Packaging Protest over Bagel Boxes

Morwenna White was really upset when a bakery rep at a subway station gave her a Morning Mate- a bagel, jam in a little jam container, a disposable knife, all in a plastic container with a cardboard sleeve. "This is triple packaging" she told the Star. "Its nonsensical to package this bagel up when you can pick them up fresh on every street corner." Friend Amy Nugent agrees. ""As a Canadian company, I would expect more from them. The environment and waste management is a chief concern for Toronto right now. Why would anyone consider buying this?" They were so outraged that they have started an online petition to "request that Dempster's, along with Maple Leaf Foods Inc. and Canada Bread Company Limited, stop littering our shelves, our waste baskets and our landfills with over-packaged products, and that they review their environmental policies in order to reduce their packaging.Furthermore, we join Canada's Mayors and call on the federal government to support the legislation of national packaging regulations to minimize solid waste." Sign the petition here and help stamp out overpackaging and crappy bagels. via :Metromorning