Pace University Hosts International Environmental Law Colloquium


It's a big week for major conferences of environmental and sustainability professionals. Yesterday, we gave a brief nod to the Solar Power 2006 conference in San Jose, California; on the other side of the US, environmental lawyers, legal scholars, business people, politicians and representatives of NGOs from around the world are meeting in White Plains, New York for the 4th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Colloquium at Pace University's School of Law. This year's colloquium focuses on enforcement of and compliance with environmental law, and participants hope to develop a framework for using current international and national laws to address growing environmental concerns. The conference agenda (in PDF) is packed full of sessions aimed at discussing both carrot and stick approaches to legal enforcement and regulatory compliance, and luminaries such as UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan, and Pace Professor of Environmental Law and Co-Director of the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., have spoken or will speak to attendees. The week wraps up with a field trip to the United Nations for plenary sessions with judges, ambassadors and legal experts considering "The Importance of Environmental Compliance to Sustainable Development." While many might consider a gathering of lawyers as something to avoid, we imagine that this meeting of representatives from 45 countries and 75 law schools will produce, at the very least, some innovative approaches to making the most of environmental laws already on the books. ::Pace Law School Hosts the 4th IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Colloquium