Oxymoron of the Day: World Bank Hosts Vulnerability Video Contest

Image source: World Bank on Youtube

The World Bank is asking people to put examples of vulnerability due to climate change on film. Possible entries to include: World Bank Clueless on Climate Impacts of its Loans, or the Dead-Red Canal or Pollution Estimated to Cause 75,000 Premature Deaths Each Year or maybe even Getting to the Bottom of the World's Biggest Mass Poisoning Case.Actually this contest is real. Entrants are due October 24, 2008 in two categories: A) the Social Dimensions of Climate Change (open to all ages) and B) the Young Voices of Climate Change Award (open to those 24 years and younger). Entries must be between 2 and 5 minutes long.

Winners get a trip to Washington, DC where they can watch their film and attend several educational events on career development and the social dimensions of climate change. No mention of how folks are supposed to film and "upload" videos to the internet from villages in the middle of nowhere. Guess only folks in developed countries, or with access to technology can "win" (no pun intended).

Next year maybe they'll team up with the Army Corps of Engineers for a "What Were We Thinking" video duel.

:World Bank Video Contest::World Bank Promo on Youtube
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