Oxford Dictionary of English Adds Climate Science Vocabulary

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We love seeing the ways the environmental movement alters mainstream culture, and the degree of its impact can be viewed quickly by just taking a look at the dictionary. The Oxford English Dictionary is no slouch on keeping up with new words created in every corner from clean tech to the DIY movement -- like when "hypermiling" made it as word of the year in 2008. Added to the latest edition are such greenie favories (or not) as "staycation," "carbon capture and storage," and "geo-engineering."Time has listed the newest words, and it's easy to see that climate change science has made a permanent mark in our lexicon.

Other words that have made it in to the dictionary that have also been common on TreeHugger are "social media," "netbook," and even "vuvuzela."

The Vancouver Sun explains, "To merit inclusion, a word has to achieve wider currency than being bandied around in a newspaper office in London or a school playground in Glasgow. Nobody tweets their way into the OED."

That is to say, from major issues to climate science (geoengineering) to more mainstream green thinking (staycations) are more than just passing ideas.

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