Overture, Curtains, Lights: Composting Toilet on Stage


We have talked about the conflicts between those who go green and their disbelieving neighbours; thus we were intrigued to learn about a new play in London, "The War Next Door" about the conflicts between a trendy green couple and their new immigrant neighbours."Sophie and Max are a thoroughly modern British couple, cosmopolitan and open-minded. They have even constructed their own eco loo, well, it does save thirty litres of water a day." How often does a composting toilet have a starring role in a play? The toilet evidently performed better than the rest; while one reviewer said "the shoddy script and hammy acting left me so bored that I contemplated impaling myself on my biro." another reviewer admired the set's "chic, open plan minimalism." ::Tricycle Theatre via ::Envirolet Buzz

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